Cut & Loop Pile Carpet | Yes, It Is a Blend of the Two

Becoming ever more popular is the Cut & Loop Pile combination carpet. With the textures and patterns boundless, Cut & Loop provides the durability of a cut pattern, and the artistic texture of a loop pattern to give a balance of the both.

Level Cut and Loop Pile

Level cut & loops provide the appearance of multi-levels with the same height on both cuts. This provides the idea of texture and colour difference while having the benefit of only 1 layer.

Multilevel Cut and Loop

As the name implies, there are multiple levels on this cut & loop combination. The cut portion offers the lower level while the uncut loop provides the contrast in colour and size. There is an added comfort from the loop as well, making this style attractive in the eyes of many carpet fans.

If you have any questions about Cut & Loop Carpet, please feel free to contact your Colautti Representative.

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