Colautti Granite

So you have heard of granite; you know it will last a lifetime if cared for & provides beauty and elegance, but what is it about granite that makes people go crazy? Why all the fuss? Well we at Colautti have outlines a few key features of granite & why Colautti is the best place to choose your granite. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact your Colautti expert!

colautti granite windsor essex county

  • Granite is the only covering that is completely unique, completely your personality. This is because no two pieces of granite are exactly alike! One slab of granite will never be the same as the slab that is cut right after. So even though you and your neighbour may have purchased granite at the same place and with the same rock – let’s say, Colautti for the Galaxy Granite – the two counter tops or islands will not be the same!
  • Granite is durable – very durable. Granite will outlast any other covering and provides a higher level of sanitation in the kitchen by having less microscopic divots, holes and cracks for bacteria to form.
  • Granite is safe for cutting (still use a cutting board, for the knife’s sake), placing hot materials on, and cleans easily!
  • Granite is timeless. Granite will never go out of style and you can instantly improve your homes worth by adding granite.

So Why Choose Colautti for Your Granite Needs?

  • Did you know Colautti has over 90 years experience helping Windsor & Essex County with their granite needs?
  • At Colautti, we still hand cut our custom slabs of granite with experts having over 20 years of experience in granite each – providing the best quality you can find anywhere!
  • Not only have we been cutting our own slabs but we have also been installing them professionally – with a special technique called ‘book ending’. this allows for the seams to match up looking like one continuous piece of granite!
  • Colautti can custom cut ANY granite job, as well as custom edge any style you like!

So remember, when you are looking to find that absolutely perfect slab of granite, a piece of a mountain that you can call your own, be sure to come by Colautti and have it done by the professionals who care!

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