Carpet From Colautti is Always Perfectly Installed

Thinking about adding carpet to your favourite room? Before you make any decisions you will want to talk to the professionals who have been helping Windsor & Essex County with carpet for decades.

Find carpeting from your home at Colautti

You will have to think of carpet pattern, carpet style, the amount of traffic in the room you want carpeted and more! There is more to carpeting a room than just buying a piece of pad and carpet and putting it in. Were not trying to scare you, we just know that you love your home just as much as we love installing the perfect carpet to make your home practical and beautiful.

“In the big scheme of things, I’m sure my purchase would be rather insignificant to Colautti. Yet you would never know this with the amount of attention I was given.”
F. La Bute
What kind of carpet are you looking for? There are many types based on 2 basic styles – Cut Pile and Loop Pile. Each has different uses, sub categories, and durabilities – so be sure to contact your carpet experts here at Colautti!

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