Colautti is the Affordable Hardwood Flooring Store

If you are looking for Hardwood Floors you are looking for Colautti. Colautti provides the best hardwood flooring and hardwood flooring installation in Windsor and Essex County. With a wide array of brands and styles to choose from, rest assured Colautti will take make any room you desire and transform a room you love, to a room you love to show off!

Find Affordable Wood Flooring with Colautti

“Both my wife and I heartily recommend
Colautti’s to anyone in the market for marble, granite, carpet, tile or wood flooring.”
W. R. Young

Installing hardwood flooring is completely up to you. Like every product we carry you can install it yourself, or have one of our hardwood flooring installation experts do it for you! Our expert installation specialists will ensure that your vision is produced without you breaking a sweat.

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