Home flooring from Colautti - Residential carpet, granite, hardwood, tile, marble synthetics and more.

Home Flooring and Counter Tops

Colautti is the place you need to be when you are remodelling a room, building new home or just looking to add some finishing touches with a throw rug. Our creative and courteous staff are capable of giving you anything this industry has to offer. With name brand products, professional quality and unbeatable prices you know what you are getting when you walk through the Colautti doors.

You can find any material you want for your home at Colautti. If we don’t have it in stock, we will order it for you. If you need an interior designer, we have one on staff. Whatever you need you can find in our store, as you have been able to for over 90 years.”
P. Indelicato – President

Find carpeting from your home at Colautti
Find stone finishings for your home at Colautti
Find Ceramic Tile for your home with Colautti
Find affordable synthetic home finishings with Colautti
Find Affordable Wood Flooring with Colautti

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